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Contribute your pics of our events taken place...

The Friends of Llangiwg are creating a "scrapbook" of events that have taken place at Llangiwg over the years and would appreciate any information to record these events for future generations.

If you have any old photos of Llangiwg, you would like to have shown in the gallery - please contact us by email at gallery@llangiwg.com giving some details and if the photos are digital or need to be scanned.

 See photo gallery

gallery/llangiwg_20140809_ensemble_eos_mozart-beethoven.GIF gallery/Llangiwgrestoratio.jpg gallery/Llangiwg_artworks_Lliw_gallery_2012_Oct.JPG gallery/image39-1.jpg
gallery/image43-2.jpg gallery/image39-2.jpg gallery/image42-1.jpg gallery/image42-2.jpg
gallery/image43-1.jpg gallery/image26.jpeg gallery/image31.jpeg gallery/image29.jpeg
gallery/image30.jpeg gallery/image27.jpeg gallery/image28.jpeg gallery/image32.jpeg
gallery/image34.jpeg gallery/image35.jpeg gallery/image33.jpeg gallery/image36.jpeg
gallery/image37.jpeg gallery/image38.jpeg