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Llangiwg - partners and friends....

Llangiwg - its history dates to the 6th century and we are fortunate to have partners and friends who also have an interest in our community restoration project. Links include:

Swansea Canal Society is as much a part of our Industrial Heritage as Llangiwg is of our cultural, religious and historical heritage.
For further information see http://www.swanseacanalsociety.com

Pontardawe Art Centre: Have supported Friends of Llangiwg with Art exhibitions, public meetings and the launch of our book written by D. Gerald O James "In the Footsteps of Saints and Sinners.
For further information see: http://www.npt.gov.uk/default.aspx?page=1678&lang=en

Peace Mala and Global Youth Work are an organisation working for peace between people of all faiths and cultures and educating children and young people in tolerance and peace in all aspects of living.
For further information see http://www.peacemala.org.uk

Pontardawe Library have supported Friends of Llangiwg by hosting the launch of "In the Footsteps of Saints and Sinners" and providing the space for an exhibition on the history of Llangiwg Church and its present use by the community.
For further information see http://www.npt.gov.uk/Default.aspx?page=2158

Astro Alerts: Ian Glendenning has a monthly letter giving information on astronomy. He shares his knowledge with
those that are novices and experienced alike.
Contact Ian at: ian.glendenning@live.co.uk

Small Pilgrimage Places: When the building has the necessary amenities it will be possible to join a network called Small Pilgrim Places.
To find out more go to: www.smallpilgrimplaces.org

Quiet Gardens: The Quiet Garden Movement encourages the provision of a variety of local venues where there is an opportunity to set aside time to rest and to pray.

For further information, visit: www.quietgarden.org

Images from the children's Eisteddfod